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Responsive Web Designing Course in Chandigarh

Responsive web designing is one of the website which runs on many or all Devices.It is a site which is easier to manage and recommended by google. Thus for successful online business, Better User Experience and to stay ahead in business from others one has to update his/her site in responsive. Responsive web site can easily access from any device and that’s why it is in very much demand.Big Boxx Academy provides 100% job oriented web design course in Chandigarh.Responsive web designing training in Chandigarh with dynamic CSS (LESS+SASS).Exploring various grid systems,responsive web making frameworks,boilerplate,Skeleton Foundation,twiiter Bootstrap frameword,Testing & Debugging using Emulators


Topic 1: Introduction
  • Overview
  • Responsive Web Design (RWD)
  • Responsive Web Design and Other Techniques
  • Responsive Everything!
  • Tools for RWD

Topic 2: Media Queries
  • Need for Media Queries
  • Writing Media Queries
  • Targeting Viewports
  • Breakpoints
  • Applying Media Queries

Topic 3: Fluid Layouts
  • Benefits
  • Grid-based Layout
  • Creating Flexible Grids
  • Margins and Padding
  • Converting Fixed-width Designs

Topic 4: Responsive Typography
  • Responsive Typography Overview
  • Principles of Responsive Type
  • The Basics
  • Typography and Devices

Topic 5: Responsive Media
  • Fluid Images and Video
  • Browser Issues
  • Tiled Background
  • Overflow

Topic 6: Responsive Design Process
  • Overview
  • What is Context?
  • Content First and Mobile First
  • Responsive Workflow
  • Responsive Problems and Challenges

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